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We asked our customers how they use ColorSpan products in their business, and we heard back some amazing stories. We'll be sharing them with you on this page. How do you use ColorSpan printer products, print servers, ink, or media in your business? If you would like to share your ColorSpan Success Story call ColorSpan Supplies Sales at 1-800-723-3002. If your Success Story is selected, we'll send you a ColorSpan Supplies credit to help you celebrate!

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Stone Graphics Company

Craftsman sign maker chooses Gator to offer banners, fleet graphics

The latest addition to Chris Stone's toolbox at Stone Graphics Company, Inc. is a DisplayMaker® 72s digital solvent printer.

Back in 1989, Stone started the company at his house, moving from room to room, then to a converted chicken coop, then to a commercial space as the business grew. Today Stone Graphics employs thirteen at the 13,000 square foot shop, where they make screen printed, dimensional, cut vinyl, sandblasted, and wide-format inkjet signs. Stone's dimensional signs are custom-built, often combining various 3D and 2D elements, even gold leaf, to achieve a superior result. (He confessed that his impressive photo gallery at is a few years obsolete--incoming jobs give him no time to update it, says Stone.)

A 1990s building boom in his area fueled demand for on-site construction signage, dimensional signage for new building developments, and fleet graphics for his customers' pickup trucks, SUVs, and construction vehicles.

Stone stays current with developments in the wide-format graphics industry by reading trade magazines and attending trade shows. He saw the possibilities of combining desktop photo and illustration software with wide-format digital output to liven up the often utilitarian construction signs. Adding the customer's color logo or an artist's rendering of the completed project soon set apart signs by Stone from his competitors' work.

While shopping around at a trade show for a solvent ink printer to replace his 42-inch, aqueous printer, Stone was impressed with the DisplayMaker 72s "Gator." After delivery, he had a very good "out-of-box experience." The first order to be printed on the Gator was received even before the printer was installed. The Gator was installed on a Thursday, on Friday it began printing, and by Sunday Stone was shipping two 2x12-foot, and ten 2x2-foot backlit signs for a boat show later that week.

In the month since the Gator was installed, the jobs it has printed include: a 10x17 foot billboard, a 6x20 foot billboard, various 4x8 foot posters laminated to plywood, a 3x24 foot sign for a local new business, and graphics for a pylon sign with three 5x10 foot faces. Rarely printing banners before owning the Gator, Stone is now printing a 1500-foot construction fence banner that will take 17 rolls of ColorSpan® Scrim Banner Vinyl to print! The printer is rarely idle, mostly only to change or reload media, since ink can be refilled on-the-fly. With the Gator's durable, true solvent output, Stone rarely has to use lamination.

Using the DisplayMaker 72s, Stone was able to help a construction company client who wanted to duplicate the custom, airbrushed and hand-lettered fleet graphics from his existing vehicles onto his new dump trucks. The artist who did the original work was very expensive and not available for weeks. Stone was able to digitally capture the airbrushed illustration and lettering, and print new vinyl graphics on the DisplayMaker 72s, at a significant time and dollar savings to the customer. The Gator's four-color image quality puts multidensity six-color solvent printers to shame: "You can't hit a red with those printers," said Stone.

Stone had this tip for ColorSpan trade show staff: bring two Gators to the next show, one to print and one available to demonstrate its many automated ease-of-use features such as the touch-screen control panel interface, AutoJet and AutoTune calibrations, Purge-n-Wipe automated printhead maintenance, easy media loading, and more. (So noted!)

Now Stone is faced with a familiar problem: he may need to move to a larger space again, if he decides to buy a second Gator.

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